Kigoma Vijana Development Alliance

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List of the current programmes of the organization/Activities

Kividea recently implements 3 major projects as listed below:
1. Terre des Hommes Schweiz: Funds the Youth empowerment and MVC support project in Kigoma municipality and Uvinza district.
2. EngenderHealth: project to Increase access to quality family planning and other reproductive health services in all districts of Kigoma region.
3. UN Women: Funds our “Jamii Salama project” addressing GBV in 3 districts in Kigoma under the UN Joint Program for Kigoma region.
KIVIDEA activities are channeled through its 2 major departments: The Child Department and the Youth Department.
In summary, activities under each department are as follows:

Activities include:

  • Psychosocial support to MVC and their parents/guardians
  • Material support (scholastic materials and health insurance)
  • Capacity building to MVC committees

Activities include:

  • Training of peer educators and youth mobilization;
  • Life Skills trainings for youth and adolescents in school and out-of-school;
  • Youth reproductive health and rights; provision of reproductive health education and services to youth; advocacy for youth reproductive rights;
  • Facilitate community awareness campaigns for SRH and GBV education delivery
  • Support to youth Income Generating Activities: support the starting and financing youth small business projects; provide accompaniment for youth projects